Avengers Infinity War Looks Good

Man, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been watching these teaser trailers for the new Marvel Avengers movies that are coming out in 2018.  Well, at least the first one is coming out in 2018, I would take a guess that they will drag out part two of this little saga until 2019 at least.

I’ve been obsessed with the Marvel universe for years now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching each movie as it’s come out, I’ve been down to the local cinema for each one so far I think.  Except for the new Spiderman Homecoming that’s just been released, I might wait until that one’s released on Netflix or something, I’m not a fan of the Spiderman casting to be honest.

As an Australian though, I’m pretty stoked to see our local boy, Chris Hemsworth, reprise his role as Thor, he plays such a good character in all the Avengers and Thor movies, his character is never too serious, there’s always a bit of tongue in cheek comedy utilised by the character in all the movies.

His new Thor movie should be out soon too, it seems like there’s a Marvel movie out every few months these days, which is great, and I always love to see how they tie in one movie to the next.  I also think it’s pretty clever that a dedicated movie will be released for a Marvel character, & from then on they usually have small, or sometimes significant roles in the next “team” movie like Avengers.

Anyway, I’m getting hungry, time for a snack.  If you haven’t had the privilege of seeing this teaser trailer, feel free to watch it while I raid my fridge!